Your approach fits Ella’s learning style and emotional sensitivity very well and she beams with confidence when she talks about and plays her instrument.
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Ella clarinet student
Beams with Confidence

Clarinet lessons have helped me focus more on my embouchure.
I’ve had to put in hard work to improve my skills. The results have been very good!
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Dooley Kim
Hard work improves my skills

We had some friends over for breakfast one morning and our son Alan gave a lovely performance of Old King Wenceslas, Ode to Joy, and Old MacDonald. They were impressed that Alan has only been playing for a few months.
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Alan Patterson
On your mark, get set, go!

Mary Ellen is a knowledgeable clarinet teacher with a great sense of humor. I look forward to coming to my lessons and to practicing.
She’s prepared, relaxed, artistic, and flexible. She is professional and knowledgeable but also relaxed and easy going. It’s obvious that she enjoys what she does.
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Deborah Hoff
Stress is reduced by learning to play clarinet

Private clarinet lessons have made a difference in my life. I’m learning things I hadn’t heard from my band teacher. I may be busier now but I like playing music more!
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Alexi Phares-Culver
I like playing music more now!

If you have a son or daughter that is curious or motivated [about sax or clarinet] or even in a rut looking for new challenges, ideas, and practice methods, give [lessons with Mary Ellen] a shot! If you’re clear about your goals, Mary Ellen always responds and is flexible with her teaching techniques.
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Zea tenor sax student
Give it a shot!

Since taking saxophone lessons with Mary Ellen Grace, I’ve become a lot more confident in my playing. I’ve learned things about playing the sax that I wasn’t taught at school and I always leave class with more knowledge.
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Omar Vargas, Jr
More Confident Playing

Caiden’s dad, Brian: “Mary Ellen is a great saxophone teacher. She is enthusiastic, patient, and listens to her pupils questions thoughtfully. It was her excellent website chock-full of raving testimonials that made us decide to sign up for lessons for our son, Caiden.”
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Alto sax student, Caiden
Enthusiastic and Patient