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In this section, you’ll find constructive advice and guidance for the purpose of helping you become a more confident and happy musician.

Dooley Kim, student at Grace Notes Music Studio

Clarinet lessons have helped me focus more on my embouchure.
I’ve had to put in hard work to improve my skills.
The results have been very good!

Dooley Kim

Recitals – I produce two recitals each year and post photos, audio and video from the performances here. My students inspire me with their courage to perform – especially when they are brand new to their instrument.

Recommended reading – these books have enhanced my musical life. May they do so for you as well. (books and methods and solos, etc)

Local Resources – Visit this page to find local music stores where you can rent or buy clarinets and saxophones and have them repaired and maintained. I also include a list of musical organizations performing live music in the Portland Metro area from jazz festivals to chamber music festivals as well as our two public radio stations for listening to “all jazz all the time” or classical music.

Grace Notes Music Studio Blog – A place to share your questions, comments and feedback about the study of music and becoming a more confident musician.

I hope you find this website a valuable resource for becoming a more relaxed, confident, and mirthful musician. If you’d like to talk with me about how a sax or clarinet learning program figures in your future, call me today: 503-888-5796. You can also provide me with some detail about your situation by filling out the form on my Contact page.