Welcome to Grace Notes Music Studio

Welcome to Grace Notes Music Studio

Clarinet and Saxophone Lessons for all ages

Save the Date: Jan 8, 2023

That’s the date for the next recital. It will be held in person again back at The Courtyard at Mt Tabor. Our friends at The Courtyard have hosted us in their Mt Hood Wing lobby for many years before 2020 and I am looking forward to being back there in January.

Recent Recitals

On May 22, a limited number of people attended an in-person performance of 12 clarinet and saxophone students. Visit my recital page for photos and videos.

Inspired by the words of Jon Batiste, winner of this year’s Album of the Year Grammy Award, the theme of the recital is Be You.

On receiving the award for his album, We Are, Batiste said,

“I believe this to my core. There is no best musician, best artist, best dancer, best actor. Creative arts are subjective and they reach people at a point in their lives when they need it most. It’s like a song or an album is made and it almost has a radar to find a person when they need it the most. I mean, man! I thank God. I just put my head down and I work on the craft everyday. I love music. I been playing since I was a little boy. It’s more than entertainment for me. It’s a spiritual practice. Every single artist that was nominated in this category. I actually love and have had experiences, out of body experiences with your music. I honor you. This is for real artists, real musicians, just keep going! Be you! I love you even if I don’t know you! Goodnight!”

Over 5 Sundays in November and December 2021, small groups of students live-streamed their performances from my studio for the Fall Recital called Live Times Five.

In-Person Learning Resumes

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, I began teaching remotely using Zoom video conference software in March 2020. A little more than a year later, we were able to have lessons in-person at my studio.

Now if a student is sick or feeling any COVID symptoms, your lesson will be on Zoom instead. Inclement weather and difficulty with transportation are other reasons to go remote.

Each student has their own personalized link for online lessons with Mary Ellen. See my instructions for scheduling your lessons. I’ve also added a page with instructions to get the best experience using Zoom.

Clarinet and Saxophone Lessons

Clarinet and saxophone lessons are just the tip of the iceberg of offerings here.

Private saxophone and clarinet lessons are a student’s first experience at Grace Notes Music Studio. I also produce two recitals each school year; one in the Fall or Winter and another in Spring.

Be You! Recital, May 2022

We did it! Our first live and in-person recital since November 2019! Twelve students gathered at the Friends Meeting House in Southeast Portland on May 22 to perform jazz and classical pieces on saxophones and clarinets. We had fun! Please visit my recital page to watch and listen to their performances.

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