Resources and Book Extras

Have you purchased a copy of Truly FUNdamentals?

Either the electronic format or spiral-bound paperback?

Then you may download these supplemental exercises that are not found in the book. I will be adding to these periodically. Instructions are in the PDF and usually reference a particular page or pages in the book.

#1 Longtones extra: Three Blind Mice

#2 Articulation extra: William Tell Overture

If you haven’t purchased Truly FUNdamentals…

Buy Truly FUNdamentals! You can download the electronic format immediately and start having FUN with your music practice today.

Oh wait! Here is one more resource. In this video I describe how to use a drone pitch to practice improvisation. Links to two drone videos appear below.

Check out either the concert Bb or A drone to play along with.

Concert Bb drone
Concert A drone