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  • Safe Space To Make Mistakes

    Safe Space To Make Mistakes

    I think the best thing about lessons with Mary Ellen is that she makes music fun, and Will is excited enough about music that he makes time to practice almost every day without any reminders from his parents. –Laurel Walker

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  • Lessons provide mastery & motivation

    Lessons provide mastery & motivation

    Colson’s playing after 2 years with her seriously blows us away. Playing with her and having the experience of regular recitals vs. just playing in band has given him a sense of mastery that has motivated him to commit to another year. He admires the older kids at the recitals and the exposure to them really gives…

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  • You will be happy with Mary Ellen as your teacher!

    You will be happy with Mary Ellen as your teacher!

    With the help of Mary Ellen, I am playing the clarinet again after 60 years!!! Her manner of teaching is encouraging and motivating. Any nervousness I have about a lesson fades as soon as I get there. –Karen Robinson

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  • Social Connection & Positive Activity

    Social Connection & Positive Activity

    The lessons you’ve provided have been such a positive thing for Alan. For a shy guy, it has provided a great opportunity to find confidence in front of a crowd, and provided a nice place to land in high school — to be in the concert band. – Jen Patterson, 2021

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  • Beams with Confidence

    Beams with Confidence

    Your approach fits Ella’s learning style and emotional sensitivity very well and she beams with confidence when she talks about and plays her instrument. — Steph Evans

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  • Hard work improves my skills

    Hard work improves my skills

    Clarinet lessons have helped me focus more on my embouchure. I’ve had to put in hard work to improve my skills. The results have been very good! –Dooley Kim

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  • Stress is reduced by learning to play clarinet

    Stress is reduced by learning to play clarinet

    Mary Ellen is a knowledgeable clarinet teacher with a great sense of humor. I look forward to coming to my lessons and to practicing. She’s prepared, relaxed, artistic, and flexible. She is professional and knowledgeable but also relaxed and easy going. It’s obvious that she enjoys what she does. –Deborah Hoff

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  • I like playing music more now!

    I like playing music more now!

    Private clarinet lessons have made a difference in my life. I’m learning things I hadn’t heard from my band teacher. I may be busier now but I like playing music more! –Lexi Phares-Culver

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