Lessons provide mastery & motivation

Colson at May 2022 recital

Colson had picked up and discarded 2 instruments prior to expressing interest in playing sax for his school band.  He was one of the unfortunate kids who began learning during quarantine so I looked around for a way to keep him engaged and found Mary Ellen. 

She worked hard for these kids via Zoom and has made a welcome transition to in-person lessons again. Like any kid, Colson doesn’t always want to go to his lessons, but he is always glad after the lesson that he went. He says that even if he hasn’t been able to practice as much as he needed to during the week, they have a productive session and his playing after 2 years with her seriously blows us away.  

Playing with her and having the experience of regular recitals vs. just playing in band has given him a sense of mastery that has motivated him to commit to another year. He admires the older kids at the recitals and the exposure to them really gives him something to strive for.  We can’t recommend Mary Ellen enough! –Jennifer New