Fall 2005 Well-Tempered Duets and Trios

Nov. 6, 2006 Fall Recital

Wow! My students performed Baroque music in recital today and they were fabulous. I assigned them music that they practiced alone and with me in their lessons. At today’s recital was the first time many of them performed¬†together. I am very proud of what they were able to carry out.

Elena battled a congested cough to make the recital today. She pumped herself full of cough syrup and was able to play. She and Kendra did a two-voiced fugue by Bach that was electrifying.

Kendra, Elena and Molly played a gavotte in good, steady tempo. Jacob, Kendra, Molly and I played a sweet arrangement of Simple Gifts, a Shaker dance tune.

Jacob had some dental work on Thursday and was able to overcome the pain of having his braces tightened. Clarinet requires a very firm embouchure. Imagine playing a clarinet with a couple of marbles in your mouth! Not easy.

Jacy did a Telemann duet with me in his first Grace Notes recital. His execution of trills and sixteenth note rhythms was right on the money. Joellen picked up the tenor sax in August and performed a presto-tempo’d Bach duet with me, playing with a light and crisp sound. Jacy, Joellen and I also did a Bach chorale, Be Joyful, Ye Christians.

As is my custom, I invited the audience to join in a jam session after the recital. I bring music and we read through some tunes. Those who can’t read music shake a mean rattle and keep a good beat on hand drums.

Thanks to Mary and Kathy for coming early to help set up. Thanks to all the parents for bringing goodies for the reception.