Folk Music Around The World

Edelweiss flower, Austria

The Spring recital featured 14 performers playing music from China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Poland, Spain, and Sweden. In a surprise development, we had two duets by pairs of siblings.

Students chose folk music that was significant for them culturally or otherwise. They transposed the music for their instrument and in many cases also wrote arrangements for two, three and four instruments.

Photos in no particular order…


MEGRecitalFolkMusic27 4-27-16 MEGRecitalFolkMusic26 4-27-16 MEGRecitalFolkMusic25 4-27-16
MEGRecitalFolkMusic22 4-27-16 MEGRecitalFolkMusic21 4-27-16 MEGRecitalFolkMusic20 4-27-16 MEGRecitalFolkMusic19 4-27-16 MEGRecitalFolkMusic18 4-27-16 MEGRecitalFolkMusic17 4-27-16 MEGRecitalFolkMusic16 4-27-16 MEGRecitalFolkMusic15 4-27-16 MEGRecitalFolkMusic12 4-27-16

MEGRecitalFolkMusic4 4-27-16 MEGRecitalFolkMusic10 4-27-16MEGRecitalFolkMusic2 4-27-16MEGRecitalFolkMusic23 4-27-16MEGRecitalFolkMusic11 4-27-16MEGRecitalFolkMusic8 4-27-16