Determined to be one of the best!

Meg is an awesome teacher! She is always positive and energetic and patient. When I struggle with a piece or exercise, she uses metaphors to help me understand.

Katy Kimes

She also pushes me out of my comfort zone, though it is for the better. It expands my musical knowledge and skill set.

Taking lessons with Meg has made me a more determined person. In band class, when I did not know how to play a part or was having difficulty with a section of the music, I would drop out and let the other members of my section cover the part. I was only one person, so I thought that it didn’t make that big of a deal.

Though with lessons, I was forced, in a good way, to play through the difficult parts and master the piece. I never wanted to sound bad at lessons because then it was very evident who was playing the wrong rhythms or wrong notes. So I became more determined to be one of the best clarinet players around! Meg is always helpful and insightful. Whenever I need help or am struggling, she tells me of numerous ways to make the tone sound brilliant, or ways to understand and play the music correctly. I am very grateful to Meg. — Katy Kimes