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To my father,
who showed me the way in teaching and in life
Dr. James L Grace, Jr.


This is the dedication in the front of Truly FUNdamentals, The Most FUN Musical Warmups Ever. It was published in 2011, just one year after Dad died.

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Truly FUNdamentals coverTruly FUNdamentals

I wrote Truly FUNdamentals because I was looking for ways to make my saxophone and clarinet warmups more enjoyable. Yes, more FUN. Over a period of two years, I drafted, played with and experimented with different ways to practice longtones, scales, arpeggios, and articulation exercises.

It turned out that my exercises played better when the student knew a bit about music theory. So, I added Appendix A: Key Signatures and the Circle of Fifths and Appendix B: Bringing Order to Flats and Sharps in Key Signatures.

These appendices have been the most valuable to many students who in the past would not be interested in anything to do with music theory.

Remembering Dad

My Dad and me, circa 2004Now Dad has been gone almost six years. He was an affectionate father, attentive mentor, and learned teacher.

This year as I approach the anniversary of his birth (Sept. 11) and death (Sept. 21), I feel moved to have a special sale of all the formats and editions of Truly FUNdamentals.

You can take home the spiral-bound with CD Teacher’s Edition ($35), any of the student editions with CD ($18), or any PDF with mp3s ($20 or $12) — any of these for the special #10Day$10Sale price of ten dollars.

No matter which format you want – paper or pdf, teacher or student – they are all $10 during this ten-day period from Sept. 11 through Sept. 21.

How to Order

In the form below, fill out your email address. In the subject field, write “$10 book“.

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