Fall 2009 Recital: Serious Play

November 21, 2009, Tabor Space, Portland, OR

recital performersSerious Play is a performance of light-hearted and fun music by musicians studying clarinet and saxophone at Grace Notes Music Studio.

Without performance, music is just black dots on a piece of paper, or what Pete Seeger called “henscratches and flyspecks”. Yes, for music to live, it must be played and listened to.

Each selection below has been arranged by one of the students. (except the Chorale by Hiller) In their lessons, my students have studied some advanced music theory and developed their notation skills. Everyone has done a great job with the arranging project. Perhaps they will be inspired to create their own compositions next!



4-part Chorale  by J. A. Hiller

I Love To Laugh  by Sherman & Sherman, Arr. Katy Kimes
performed by Katy Kimes, Joie Bassham, Jacob Galash, Meg Grace

Oompa Loompa Doompadee Doo by Bricuss & Newley
Arr. Mike Rasmussen, performed by Katy Kimes, Peter Kurtz, Mike Rasmussen


Swiss Clock, IV.

Alpine Scene by Benjamin Britten, Arr. Kate Richardson, performed by Kate Richardson, Mike Rasmussen, Meg Grace

Dance of The Bogey Man by Leigh Harline, Arr. Meg Grace, performed by all students


The Best Years of Our Lives by Jaymes & Deane, Arr. Jacy Clare, performed by Meg Grace, Emily Schultz, Kate Richardson

If I Only Had A Brain  by Harburg & Arlen, Arr. Joie Bassham
performed by Joie Bassham, Katy Kimes, Jacob Galash

Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, Arr. Emily Schultz
performed by Emily Schultz, Peter Kurtz, Kate Richardson


Chim Chim Cher-Ree by Sherman & Sherman, Arr. Jacob Galash
performed by Jacob Galash, Meg Grace, Joie Bassham, Mike Rasmussen

Russian Sher #3, 


Frailach Fun Der Chupa, performed by Meg Grace, soprano saxophone and Joan Syzmko, accordion.

Mary Ellen Grace & Joan Szymko

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