February 2012 Recital: Leap Music

Leap Music @ Artichoke Music

Leap Music performersWhy Leap Music? The obvious reason is that this is a leap year and February is the month that adds the extra day. But another reason is the music itself. As you listen to the selections below, I invite you to keep your ears open for the literal leaps in the music, as well as the figurative leaps. Some of the figurative leaps: classical clarinetist Marty Hope leaps into playing blues; French horn players leap from classical to bop; Davis Einolf plays his last recital with Grace Notes Music Studio and leaps to college in the Fall; and Alternate Destination takes a leap into the unknown with original music by Michael Hagmeier.


  • Views of The Blues…..Gordon Lewin
  • Goofin’ Off and Prelude to a Bop…..Bower
  • Duet #7…..A. Mayeur
  • J.S., July, Leapfrog…..Michael Hagmeier

Enjoy video from the recital:

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