Pre-Performance Guided Visualization


Let us begin with some deep breaths. In – —- Out. ——- In ——– Out ——.
Close your eyes and take another deep breath. In ———- and Out.——–.

What you love.

Bring into your mind that activity that you LOVE to do. What is your favorite thing in the world to do? Whatever it is, think of it now. This is something that brings you joy, and makes you feel like a million bucks. This activity is fun and easy.

Feel it.

Once you’ve got that activity, visualize yourself doing it.

See your body doing whatever you do for this activity. Where are you as you are doing this activity? What time of day is it? Are you by yourself or are there other people with you? What does your body feel like? How does doing this make you feel?


Tune in to this feeling and bring it inside. Fill your heart with this feeling. Let this feeling flow outward from your heart into all parts of your body.

Send some of this feeling down your arms and into your fingers. Send some of this feeling up into your head and into your lips and teeth and tongue. Notice how confident you feel. Notice how pleased you feel.

In a moment we all will open our eyes and walk on stage to perform. When you are making your music today, take this feeling with you. Play your music with this feeling; as if you are doing the thing you love most to do.

Gradually bring your awareness to this room and open your eyes. Remember you can bring this feeling back at anytime.

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