Spring 2008 Recital: Scelta dell’Allievo

April, 2008: Scelta dell’Allievo

Scelta dell’Allievo is Italian for “student’s choice” and was the theme for this performance; prompted when three students approached me independent of one another, with music they had a desire to play for the next recital. The theme could just as easily been “Global Music” as we heard melodies from Turkey, Ireland, France, and the United States. Piano teacher Patti Duthie accompanied the students in their solos, except for one gentleman who was accompanied by a co-worker playing the accordion!

Clarinetists performed a 4-part chorale by Johann Schop; and saxophonists executed a chorale by J.S. Bach. Todd Beck was the guest artist accompanied by Glenn Ludtke. Todd gave us his trumpet rendition of My Regards, a turn-of-the-century waltz.

April 27, 2008 Student Recital with Guest Artist Todd Beck

Video of Bach Chorale by the saxophonists and Middle Eastern Traditional Miserlou:




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