Spring 2010: Sonata Improv

April 25, 2010, Tabor Space

Sonata Improv is a performance of mostly classically-styled music with added improvisations. Piano accompanist was Heidi Kohne, musical director at Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church. Paul Krouss, piccolo, was our guest performer.

Each solo has been slightly modified by the performer to include an improvised section. Jazz musicians often speak of “playing the changes” on a piece of music. Changes is jazz-speak for chord structure. So playing the changes means they are improvising – or creating new music on the spot – and that music fits with the chord structure of the music.

To prepare to “play the changes” in their solos, each student did some analysis to determine what are the chord changes of their solo. Working with me, the student then selected a section to repeat. On the repeat of the section, they improvise – compose new music in the moment!


Chorale #1 by Crüger performers: Peter Kurtz and Jacob Galash, clarinets

Fur Elise by Beethoven performer:  Peter Kurtz, clarinet


Nocturne by Chopin performer: Jacob Galash, clarinet


Chorale #5 by JS Bach performers: Meg Grace, Jacy Clare, Davis Einolf, Emily Schultz, saxophones


Gavotte by JS Bach performer: Emily Schultz, alto sax

Davis gets crazy with the music of Louis Prima

Jump, Jive and Wail by Louis Prima performer: Davis Einolf, alto sax

Jacy plays Leclair's music

Saraband and Allegro by JM Leclair performer: Jacy Clare, alto sax

playing the Bouree

Bouree by GF Handel performer: Meg Grace, alto sax

Paul Krouss

Fantasies for Piccolo by Georg Philipp Telemann performer: Paul Krouss, piccolo

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