Musicians: Let’s Make Music Practice A Blast!

I help sax and clarinet players who are really into music, but are frustrated by boring practice sessions.

Grace Notes Music Studio works primarily with saxophonists and clarinetists, young or old, whether beginners or returning musicians, in the Portland (Oregon) Metro area. Many aspiring musicians lack confidence in playing, whether for themselves or others.

A solid understanding of music fundamentals developed in an encouraging learning environment will help you perform confidently, returning joy and pleasure to your musical journey. Motivated musicians who are utilizing this approach are experiencing the ability to relax in performance, move past mistakes, pass auditions, and do it all with joy. That’s why it’s called playing music!

Mary Ellen Grace (Meg) has been nurturing fledgling musicians since 1991, helping to improve their musical skillset and increase their confidence in playing music.

Call Me!

Please browse this website for more information on how you can have more fun playing the clarinet or saxophone. Better yet, call me at 503-888-5796 and we’ll talk!

Learn about who I work with and the concerns they face in the following section: Who I Work With.

MORE FUN: Truly FUNdamentals, the most FUN musical warmups ever.

Truly FUNdamentals coverMy unique method contains 82 pages of warmup exercises for any wind instrument done with a twist – combining some easy music theory with song snippets and morphed into warmup exercises to create a great experience for you. Available for C instruments, Bb, Eb, F, and Bass clef instruments.

Truly FUNdamentals can be yours for just $18 for the spiral-bound paperback at

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