Composing Music by Commission

After writing a post entitled Make Musical Motifs With Math and Letters, (link) I began to get requests for personal commissions. The first one was for a man who wanted to get a tattoo of music that represented his daughter’s name and birth date. Gosh! That was fun to do. Robert was ecstatic with the resulting music.

Then I offered to write short musical representations of monthly intentions for the people in my creative support network. During our Top O’ The Month call, we each develop our personal intention for the coming month. I wrote music for my December 2012 intention and it helped me recall my intention with ease. I could just sing it!

After writing my own, I began writing Intention Music for others in the group. You can listen to some samples below.

Your Personal Theme Music

Many years ago, my friend and former coworker, Rupe, introduced me to the concept of having (link) personal theme music. When he came into the office, the rest of us would sing his theme music. (Hint and copyright avoidance: It sounded a lot like John Williams’ Raiders of The Lost Ark.) And when I entered, he would sing my theme music. (Star Trek: The Next Generation anyone?)


Now I write my own theme music and intention music and tattoo music and whatever else I might need. And I can do the same for you!

People commission new music for a variety of reasons. You may want to surprise your spouse with a song for your anniversary.  Perhaps your violin-playing mother-in-law is turning 90 (and still playing) and you want to have something written for her birthday. (This was true for me – see link to 90 Revolutions of Carola Cary Waples Lacy below.)

You may be a music lover and appreciator who doesn’t play an instrument but you want to support your favorite clarinet duo with a new work. Maybe you want to have your religious faith expressed in music.

Whatever your reason, I invite you to contact me about having your musical wishes fulfilled!

Some Commissions


Dec 2012 intention

for deborah

for others

90 revolutions


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