Cancel Lessons

Hi There!

It appears that you started the process of giving yourself some music lessons. But something stopped you.

Will you tell me what made you click cancel?

Maybe it was something about this purchase process? Maybe your schedule is just too full right now? Maybe it was something I said?

The information you supply may help make the world a better place (Thanks!) while also helping me deliver the best music lessons I can.

“I cancelled and here’s why”

If you are willing, please send me an email: I cancelled and here’s why with your reason.

Thank you!

Keep in touch

When the time is right for you to give yourself music lessons, I hope you’ll come back. In the meantime, perhaps you would like to be kept informed about pertinent local performances and read articles about creativity and music? Subscribe to my free ezine, Musician’s Motivator, and you’ll get just that!



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