Play, Write, Listen, and Create Music at 1000 MPH

One night, before I went to sleep, I asked my dream self to help me write today’s music appreciation article. I woke up with this headline on the tip of my tongue and the skeleton of an actual article in my mind. I quickly wrote it all down. Courtesy of my subconscious, here are four ways […]

Folk Music Around The World Spring Recital

This year for the Spring recital, my students chose folk music that was significant for them culturally or otherwise. They transposed the music for their instrument and in many cases also wrote arrangements for two, three and four instruments. I’ve compiled a playlist of the 14 performances from the April 27th performance. Check out the wonderful photos […]

The Sounds of Silence

Sometimes, in order to listen big, listen deep to music, we need to step back and first listen to the sounds of silence. This morning as I sat in silent meditation with about 6 other people, I became aware of the many, many sounds all around me. the persistent “caw, caw! caw, caw!” of two […]

Open-Hearted Listening at The Theatre

I attended a performance of The Pianist of Willesden Lane recently at Portland Center Stage. It was one of the most touching and moving experiences I have had in the theatre. What made it so? Listening with an open heart. The story is a retelling of the true life experience of Lisa Jura (YOO-ra), a […]

How to Have the Best Listening Experience

The Listening Library: Haven, Refuge, Home Memories from my undergraduate days at Indiana State University: hanging out in the Listening Library. When I wasn’t in a practice room (or playing pinochle in the lounge area), I was in the Listening Library; headphones on, head on the desk, resting on my arms. Each week we had […]

Appreciating The Music of Prince

Driving to swing band rehearsal last night, Baritone sax player Kate and I got to talking about Prince and his sudden passing. I am saddened by his death. His music holds a special place in my life, as it does with so many people around the world. Witness the outpouring of grief by fans (and […]

Madison HS presents Bye Bye Birdie

Madison High School Fine Arts presents Bye Bye Birdie. The pit orchestra is a nice mix of high school students and area pros. I’m playing Reed 3 book which is clarinet and tenor sax and some of the clarinet parts of the Reed 1 book. One of my students is playing the clarinet and alto […]

My Love Affair with Synthetic Reeds

I love playing on synthetic reeds! Two brands I use are Legere and Fibracell. Discovering Synthetic Reeds I first learned about the modern, new and improved synths when I was doubling on clarinet and alto sax in a pit orchestra for the musical, The Wizard of Oz. Good for Doublers Another woodwind player was using Legere reeds […]