Happier Podcast

Stand Up Straight

Walking through my neighborhood, I’m listening to a podcast called “Happier”. The hosts, Gretchen Rubin and her sister, Elizabeth Craft, have a segment they call “Try This At Home” which is usually some tip or suggestion you can to do…

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Backun clarinet bell

National Clarinet Day

Who decides these things?! According to the interwebs, Nov. 16 is National Clarinet Day. But why that day? No one seems to know. And to make matters worse, a group on Facebook has declared May 3 to be National Clarinet…

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Michelle & Charles

Grand Opening Third Eye Books!

Juneteenth Celebration I’m writing this post as I listen to the phenomenal music by Donna Jones and The Delegation, part of the Juneteenth Celebration live-streamed from The Jack London Revue. Great singing and jamming by the whole group. Happy to…

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