Stand Up Straight

Walking through my neighborhood, I’m listening to a podcast called “Happier”. The hosts, Gretchen Rubin and her sister, Elizabeth Craft, have a segment they call “Try This At Home” which is usually some tip or suggestion you can to do boost your happiness.

This episode’s “Try This At Home” is to stand up straight. Studies show that standing up straight (chest out, chin slightly tucked, shoulders back) not only boosts happiness, it also increases confidence.

As suggestible as I am, I find myself holding better posture as I continue on my daily walk. I feel better.

An idea for a “Music Practice Try This At Home” pops into my head.

For the next week of practice, pay attention to your posture. When you practice, make a conscious effort to sit up straight or stand up straight. Do you notice a difference in how you feel? Does your playing sound different?

Try not to make quick judgements about the practice. Give it a whole week and be open to whatever you learn from this exercise.

I’m putting a note on my music stand so that I remember the whole week to “Try This At Practice.”

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