Recital Video Available!

My students put so much energy and practice into their recital performances. I like to honor their efforts by recording the show and uploading the individual videos to my YouTube channel (

Our most recent recital was November 1, 2016. Oops! That’s twelve weeks ago.

Grace Notes Music Studio YouTube channel
What you see when you visit.

Between having a computer software meltdown (iMovie, what’s wrong with you?!), celebrating the holidays and getting the flu; those twelve weeks flew by.

I finally decided that instead of formatting and adding titles in iMovie (this part worked fine), and then uploading to YouTube (this part didn’t work at all), I would just upload the raw video directly to YouTube.

This gave me an opportunity to make use of YouTube’s editing tools. They were a bit hard to find, but once I found them, I was able to trim the front and back end of each video.

You can visit to view the recital videos or watch the playlist from here!

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