Winter Recital Prep Underway

Production has begun on the Winter Recital to be held, Sunday, December 6 via a Zoom gathering. Save the date on your calendar. Send me an email to request an invitation.

The standard performance practice nowadays is for each individual to record their parts separately. Video recordings are submitted to me to be mixed together “Brady Bunch” style. I’ll play the final mixes at our online gathering.

All students will be performing a Bach chorale together. Each student will also be performing a solo with some accompaniment or a duet with me.

The students and I have been talking about the advantages of pre-recording their performances. When it comes time to watch all the videos at the recital, no performance jitters for one thing. We’ll all be sitting back with our hot chocolate and caramel popcorn to snack on while watching the shows. That’s a big change from in person shows!

And because our recital will be held in a video conference, students can invite their distant family and friends to attend. My mother, who lives in New Hampshire, has already said she is looking forward to attending!

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