Day 24 Accelerando

Mickey Mouse in the Sorcerer's ApprenticeAccelerando; Italian word meaning to accelerate. Used in the musical world as a reference to tempo, which by the way is another Italian word meaning time.

I immediately thought of Dukas’ Sorcerer’s Apprentice as a great example of accelerando. This ten-minute piece is full of accelerandos and ritardandos (gradual slowing of tempo) and a few subito tempo changes as well. Subito meaning immediate or sudden change.

The Portland Gay Symphonic Band played this last year in our Winter Concert. It was a delight to play. I’m always appreciative of an orchestral transcription that treats the saxophone section well. In other words, the saxes had some nice juicy parts to play!

I found this recording of Leonard Bernstein, (one of my fave composer/conductors) conducting the New York Philharmonic. Just try to sit back and relax!

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