Third Gratitude: Support

Young Mary Ellen at the pianoWhen I first began playing the saxophone, I was 10 years old. I had a year of piano under my belt which prepared me for reading music. But the piano lessons didn’t help with making my first sounds on the sax.

I know I didn’t sound good in the beginning, and probably not for some time. But that never discouraged my parents from coaxing me to practice. My siblings were not pleased with my musical endeavors, but Mom and Dad shushed those negative voices and kept me practicing.

Today’s music-related gratitude is Support. I am thankful for the support my parents showed me, not just in the beginning, but all through my musical life. That Support is such a precious gift from them.

Support didn’t stop there. I received instruction from 2 motivating teachers: Roger Carrier, with whom I studied from age 11-17, and Harry R Gee, with whom I studied from 17-21.

That support has continued into my adult life with the love of my spouse who attends most of my performances. And she doesn’t shush my practicing either!

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