Day 4 Gratitude for Musical Instruments

tenor sax closeupMost of my music-making comes from playing musical instruments. Yes, I like to sing and whistle and hum with the best of them. But most of my music-making is done by playing a saxophone, clarinet, harmonica, Native American flute, or ukulele. All of those instruments are outside my body!

I have so much gratitude for my instruments and the people who maintain them for me. I’m glad I found skilled and trustworthy repair people in the Portland area.

Chuck, Chad and Jenny at Wally’s Music have taken care of all my saxes and clarinet over the years. When I received my great-uncle Han’s German sax as a gift, Chuck took it from its bedraggled state to shiny-like-new state.

Recently, one of my horns couldn’t get fixed at Wally’s in time for a show. I discovered that the folks on the other side of Portland at Beacock Music in Vancouver, were capable and helpful too. I’m thankful for the many choices there are in the Portland Metro Area.


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