Twice a year, my students put on a show. It’s a recital!

L-R: Marcus, Zach, Mary Ellen, Ally playing Dona Nobis Pacem
L-R: Marcus, Zach, Mary Ellen, Ally play Dona Nobis Pacem

I do kind of make them do it.

But in the end, they are so glad to have performed. And they are more inspired.

Inspiration by recital

Why, before the recital one young man had asked his Mother why he had to take these sax lessons. But after the recital, he went online and downloaded 5 new pieces of music (like Binks Sake) that he wanted to learn to play. He was inspired.

Click over to the recital page where you can view the beautiful photos taken by Liz Campbell and enjoy the video. It’s almost as if you were there!

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