Romantic Music Day 8 of the Challenge

You can interpret each day’s word any way you like in the 30 Day Music Challenge. The only “requirement” is to name a song that fits the word in some way.

Richard WagnerWhen I created the list, I was thinking about each word in a certain way. But as I quickly realized, each player interprets them in their own unique way.

Day 1 word was Holiday. I was thinking of the genre of holiday music, whereas Alyson thought of a song with the title Holiday! Got Madonna?

Romantic Music

Today’s word is Romantic. That could refer to the Romantic period (music written during the 1800s), or it could refer to a love song, or something else that I haven’t thought of.

My song choice is Richard Wagner’s beautiful and emotive Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral. I’m partial to the transcription for wind ensemble. Here is the Capitol Wind Symphony in a performance from 2012.


My dear friend, Kim, recently moved to Washington DC and is now playing with The Capital Wind Symphony. Yay, Kimma!

Portland Gay Symphonic Band is performing this piece in our Spring concert. Mark April 12 on your calendars. If you live in the Portland Metro area, join us!

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