The Importance of Sight Reading Skills

Summer Jams

So you’ve played your clarinet or saxophone for about a year and you’re hoping to get together and jam with your friends over the summer.

Or maybe you’ve played longer than that and you’re looking for some other musicians to play music with.

Sight Reading

If you have strong sight-reading skills, you can sit down with other musicians and play music that you’ve never seen before. And have fun while you’re doing it!

What is Sight Reading?

Here are two guides for best sight-reading practices, USA version and European version.

sight reading STARS mnemonic device

Sight reading, which is playing music that you are seeing and reading for the first time, is a great skill to have in your musical toolbox.

I’m offering a Small Ensemble Reading Intensive (SERI) four times this summer, 2x in July and 2x in August. During the class you will be training in techniques for small ensemble playing and be honing your sight-reading skills.

The Five Golden Rules below is from James Rae‘s book, Eyes & Ears, a method for developing sight-reading skills.

British sight reading guide

Learn more and register here.

Happy Summer Solstice to all my Northern Hemisphere friends! And Welcome Winter to all my Southern Hemisphere friends!

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