Day 12 of Music Challenge “By Me”

The 30 Day Music Challenge gets personal with a request for each participant to compose on day 12.

Compose Music for Music Challenge

You can write music without knowing a stitch about notation or harmony or instruments. Here are some free, fun music-making online tools for creating your composition. Of course, if you want you can also write your music the old-fashioned way – pencil on manuscript paper at the piano.

Free Online Music Creators

  • Sing into your computer’s mic and record your song over a large library of pre-recorded rhythms in the style of Rock, RnB, Pop, and 2 types of Rap.
  • You’ll need to create a free trial account in order to try this out.
  • Flashing light music! Click on a square, and another and another. Pitch is represented from low to high by the bottom squares to the top squares. Rhythm is calculated left to right. Don’t worry about how it works. Just click and create!

Either way, share a photo of your manuscript or link to your song if you used the online tools suggested.

I wrote this melody back in the 1970s and just arranged it for violin, mandolin, and ukulele last Summer 2013. Here is a video of my in-laws and me playing it for the first time on Carola’s 91st birthday. She’s the violinist.

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