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for a Monthly Lesson Package with Mary Ellen Grace @ Grace Notes Music Studio.

I’m so glad you have chosen to give yourself this gift of music. Before lessons can begin, there is a little bit of housekeeping to take care of. Please read through all the instructions. You may wish to bookmark this page.

1. Create an account to schedule lessons
2. Schedule your first month’s lessons
3. Download Intake form and Studio Policies
4. Subscribe to Musician’s Motivator
5. Receive a phone call from me!

create account1. Create account

Visit the online scheduler and create your account. Grace_Notes_Music/Music_Lessons Click on the link “Create a new user account” as shown in this image.
Fill in your email address, a password of your own choosing, your full name, and your phone number. This is the phone number I will use to contact you. If you are a parent/guardian scheduling lessons for a middle schooler or high schooler, enter the student’s name in the name field.

2. Schedule lessons

schedule a lessonLog in to your newly-created account. You will be presented with a view of the studio schedule.

To schedule a lesson, click on the time slot and day that you want to schedule. Green-filled time slots are unavailable times. Click on a white (open) area. A dialog box opens with date, time, student’s name and phone number already filled in. You select a lesson length from the drop-down menu.

Click ‘Create lesson’ and both you and I will receive email messages with your scheduled lessons. You will also receive an email reminder the day before each lesson.

Lessons can be changed up to 12 hours in advance of the appointed time. To change the date or time, simply tap the blue appointment and the dialog box opens. Change the necessary parameters and then tap ‘update lesson.’

Lessons can be added up to 2 hours before the start time.

3. Download forms

Download the intake form  and complete the form on your computer using Adobe Reader. You may type directly into the form. Once complete, email it to Save a tree! You may also go Old School and print it out and hand write your responses. Bring it to your first lesson.
Download the studio policies form and complete it on your computer as above. Your typed name denotes understanding and agreement of these policies. Upon completion, email it to Again, you may print it, sign it and bring to your first lesson.

4. Subscribe

If you are not already subscribed to my ezine, Musician’s Motivator, please do so here.
In addition to the featured articles, you’ll be kept abreast of studio events and pertinent area performances. Many of the articles in the ezine are also posted to my blog.

5. Phone call

I will be calling you before your first lesson. Some things we may discuss are: Do you have the necessary equipment and accessories such as reeds and cleaning swabs? Do you have a music book or sheet music you want to learn? I’ll also confirm directions to my studio.

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