My Dad and me, circa 2004My Dad has been gone almost six years. He was an affectionate father, attentive mentor, and learned teacher.

When I published my music method Truly FUNdamentals in 2011, the summer after he died, I dedicated it to him.

This year as I approach the anniversary of his birth and death (Sept. 11 and Sept. 21), I feel moved to have a special sale of all the formats and editions of Truly FUNdamentals.

You can take home the spiral-bound with CD Teacher’s Edition ($35), any of the student editions with CD ($18), or any PDF with mp3s ($20 or $12) — any of these for the special #10Day$10Sale price of ten dollars.

Jot down your email address above and I’ll notify you when the sale begins! You’ll get a link to the special $10 page.

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  1. I will practice and think of dads and other elders that are now gone. We are becoming the elders, which seems a bit surreal, but it doesn’t mean we stop learning. My dad passed Veteran’s Day almost 3 years ago, and I think he would think it was cool I am learning saxophone.

    • What a sweet blending of honoring your Dad and practicing your saxophone.
      Yes, it seems a bit surreal (that’s the perfect word for it) that we are becoming the elders. But it’s only natural, if we’re lucky to live long enough to become an elder. 🙂

      Oh yes, it’s totally cool to learn saxophone!

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