30 Day Music Challenge Day 3 Triplets

Triplets. Word. 30 Day Music Challenge. Day 3.

This was not intentional to use a word of threes on the third day.  A happy accident! Serendipity!

In July 2012, I wrote a piece for the trio Alternate Destination, called Trinities. This is such a three-filled song, with triplets too, that it was an obvious choice for me today.

Trinities is written for three players (bassoon, soprano sax, didjeridu), uses a three-bar pattern of 3/4 — 3/4 — 3/8, and consists of three short movements.

Excerpt from the soprano sax part of Trinities
Excerpt from the soprano sax part of Trinities

This is one of our first performances of Trinities, at the monthly chamber music jam. Classical Revolution PDX is a loose group of classical musicians who bring classical music to the people in a casual, coffee shop setting. Portland has a thriving chapter. Look for your local group.



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