#30DayMusic Day 5 is March

Da da dahh da dat da dat da daahhh
da dat da dat da dahhh — Sousa-like intro to a March.

#30DayMusic Day 5 is march.

Instead of choosing a March as in piece of music or song, I chose to go with a MARCHing band. In my college days, I marched with the Indiana State University Marching Sycamores. Yeh, I know, we were marching trees. oh well.

College classmate David found me a video of ISU Marching Band in 2009, but it resides in Facebookland. However, I did manage to find a video of ISU on YouTube.

Not the best quality, but here for your enjoyment nevertheless.

Indiana State University Marching Sycamores in full Uniform play their finished half time show at the Opening Home football game against Quincy, Illinois. The show featured Top Billboard Chart Songs “Dream On” from 1973, “Safety Dance” 1983, “Come out and Play” 1994, and finished with “March On”.

Go Sycamores!!

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