Beethoven & Bernstein together

Beethoven in 1803, painted by Christian Horneman, Public Domain,

Here we are, halfway through the 30 Day Music Challenge. And we come to one of the giants in Western music, Ludwig van Beethoven.

I love the intensity of his music. There is so much passion and life and feeling in his music. Of all his works, Symphony No. 7 is my favorite.

Bernstein & Beethoven Together At Last

Here is Leonard Bernstein conducting the Vienna Philharmonic in 1978 – Movement II of Symphony No. 7.

Some of Beethoven’s greatest hits include: Symphony No. 5, probably his most well-known with its 4-note “Fate knocking at the door” entrance; Fur Elise, one of the first ringtones created; Symphony No. 9; Moonlight Sonata for piano; and so many more.

What is your Beethoven song for today?

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