Day 29 Your Personal Theme Song

I’ve been looking forward to this day; Personal Theme Song Day. Everyone should have a Personal Theme Song.

And when you walk into the office at your job, your co-workers need to sing it to you!

Sure, that might be asking a bit much. But, we did it when I worked at Just Out many years ago. It was Rupert’s idea. His Personal Theme Song was and probably still is the Theme from Raiders of The Lost Ark.  Da-da-da-daaaah, da-da-daaah!

I came up with my PTS. And Rupert gladly sang it when I arrived at work. The Theme from Star Trek The Next Generation.

Let’s pretend I just walked into the room… (start at 0:50)

Hmmm… just realized this could be used for tomorrow’s challenge: Fanfare. 😉

Tomorrow is the last day! I hope you’ve been having as much fun as I have. We’ll do this again later this year with new terms and composers.

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