Spring Music Celebration – video conference

My students have been working hard these past few months. Video lessons started on March 13. Last Sunday, May 3, we gathered for a Spring Music Celebration – by video conference.

Celebrating Students

I took this opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of many of my students. Three students are graduating from Middle School to High School: Paul, Alan, and Zea. Five students performed at a Grace Notes Recital for the first time: Lily, Cora, Ryan, Jenny, and Evelyn. And one of my students is an ER Nurse at Kaiser: Deborah. Big cheers to all!

We celebrated all of these accomplishments and then we shared stories from our quarantined lives.

Stories From Quarantine

Annabelle plays Louie, Louie during the nightly 7pm cheering for Healthcare and other Essential Workers.

Ryan is learning songs by ear on his sax including the Star Wars theme, Happy Birthday, and the Batman Theme.

Paul has been practicing air sax since his bari sax got locked up in school back in March.

Jenny, who is a teacher librarian at a Portland elementary school, has been inserting her clarinet recordings into her teaching videos for her students. Old Town Road by Lil Nas X.

I joined my 7th grade next-door neighbor for a blues jam from his front porch. And a few days ago, I played some jazz tunes for his mother’s 50th birthday, also from the front porch.

We are all doing things a little different from normal. What’s something new from your life in seclusion?

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